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Hearing Aid Expert Explains Reverse-Slope Hearing Loss

Because reverse-slope hearing loss is uncommon, there is very little public awareness of it.

It can often go unnoticed and unless it runs in the family, the patient may not realize that they have it at first, due to the unusual way it affects your hearing.

An audiologist can use an audiogram to diagnose this type of hearing loss and they will subsequently be able to recommend a treatment tailored to the patient's specific needs, says an expert of a well-known hearing aid clinic in Kolkata.


Reverse-slope hearing loss is also known as low-frequency hearing loss because people who suffer from it have difficulty hearing low-pitched noises. These can include low engine rumbles, deeper voices, thunder, or basslines in music.

This can also impair how they comprehend speech because humans utilize a combination of high-pitch and low-pitch sounds when speaking. Vowels, for example, are frequently pronounced at a lower pitch than consonants, which can be difficult to hear by people with reverse-slope hearing loss.

The term "reverse-slope hearing loss" refers to how it is measured on an audiogram. During an audiogram, the graphical representations of this condition seem like an upward slope, starting at the bottom left of the graph and extending up diagonally, says the expert of hearing machines in Kolkata.

This is the inverse of a ski slope, which is the shape of the graph representing high-frequency hearing loss. People with high-frequency hearing loss cannot hear higher-pitched sounds, which are simpler to identify for people with reverse-slope hearing loss.


There are various reasons that can cause this condition. It could be hereditary or the result of a childhood illness.

It is frequently associated with other disorders, the most prevalent of which being otosclerosis and Meniere's illness, says the expert of a well-known ear machine clinic in Kolkata.


Because low-frequency sounds are more difficult to hear for people with reverse-slope hearing loss, they may find it easier to understand people with higher voices, such as children or ladies, rather than a deeper man's voice.

It may also be more difficult to understand low-frequency sounds while talking on the phone. Unless the person is too far away, in-person interaction is usually preferable for people suffering with this condition.

Certain sounds may also go undetected, such as the rumbling sound of automobiles, trucks and even airplanes, says the expert of a hearing aid clinic in Kolkata.

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