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Habits That Damage Hearing Health-By Hearing Aid Expert

Most people believe that hearing loss occurs gradually as you age or is caused by exposure to loud noise or severe ear infections, but only a few bad habits can harm your hearing health, says an expert of hearing aids in Kolkata.

Chances are that you have at least one habit that can lead to hearing loss. This may surprise you, but if you read about the following habits that are harmful to hearing health, you will quickly understand why we made that assertion.

Hearing Loud Music

This is most likely the most well-known poor habit leading to hearing loss. It is also one of the most prevalent causes of hearing loss, especially in children. Most individuals expose themselves to loud noises by using earphones or headphones too frequently and cranking their music up too high; if this sounds familiar, start by turning the volume down and scheduling regular earphone breaks, says an expert of cochlear implants in Kolkata.

Wear earplugs is also recommended if you are likely to be exposed to loud noises, whether at concerts or work.


People who smoke are around 70% more likely to get hearing loss. This is because nicotine can harm the neurotransmitters in your ears that allow you to hear. Because of the free radicals generated, the chemicals in cigarette smoke can potentially cause DNA damage. So, in addition to being a leading cause of cancer and heart disease, smoking is also detrimental to your hearing health, says the expert of the ear machine clinic in Kolkata.

Utilizing Cotton Swabs

If you are one of those who use cotton swabs to remove wax from your ears, you should stop right now. It's too easy to slide or press too hard, further impacting wax or possibly damaging your eardrum. 

Choosing Not to See an Audiologist

If you do not have your hearing health examined by an audiologist at least once a year, you will be at a higher risk of hearing loss since you may not realize you have a problem until it has progressed to an advanced level. As with other health conditions, the sooner you obtain a diagnosis, the better your long-term prognosis, says the expert of hearing aid fitting in Kolkata.

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