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Taking an Ear-mold Impression-Hearing Aid Expert Explains

Depending on the type of ear machine you choose, an ear-mold impression may be required, says an expert of hearing loss treatment in Kolkata. It may feel strange or awkward at first, but it will only last a few minutes. What exactly is the procedure? Let's take a closer look at this.

1. Examining the inside

Your hearing health professional will first examine your ears to ensure they are free of debris and excessive wax build-up. If anything is present your hearing health professional will extract it to avoid the impression of the wax or debris.

2. Otoblock placement

Using a small penlight, your hearing health professional will insert a small otoblock, such as a cotton ball on a string or a foam ball on a string, into your ear and gently and gradually push it down your ear canal. It passes over in the canal, but because of the nerve endings, this may feel scratchy and cause some people to cough, gag, or sneeze.

3. Insert the impression material

Your hearing health professional will then insert the impression material into your ear. This is accomplished using a large syringe filled with the mixed material or an impression gun that mixes the material as it moves. The material will fill your canal all the way up to your otoblock and outer part of your ear, says the expert of hearing test in Kolkata.

4. Waiting time

You must now sit back and relax for some time. Close your eyes and wait a few minutes for the material to set up and become solid, though still pliable.

5. Removal

Your audiologist will now slowly remove your ear-mold. To relieve the pressure that has built up, your hearing health professional will most likely pull back on the upper part of your ear while also beginning to pull out the mold from your ear.

Once the ear-mold has been removed, it is sent to the manufacturer to be turned into your new hearing aids or the mold for your BTE. They can also be used to create hearing aids and ear-buds, says the expert of a hearing aid center in Kolkata.

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