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Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss



Many people suffering from hearing loss find it difficult to get help. On average, those who have been diagnosed with hearing issues wait for seven years before seeking treatment. The reasons for waiting on help differ from person to person.  Some get stressed because of their hearing loss, believing it to be a sign of ageing and others think their condition isn’t that serious. However, untreated hearing loss over time can cause serious consequences, impacting your quality of life. 

Consequences of Untreated Hearing Problems: 

A decline in mental clarity

When you have trouble hearing what’s going on around you, your mental clarity may drop. This happens due to the lowering of stimulation to the brain, which damages its ability to process sound and understand speech over time. 

Increase of fatigue

When it’s difficult to hear, communication can be tough and exhausting. It happens because you have to stress your cognitive reserves to understand the sounds. The problem can aggravate when you are in crowded places, where you may need to focus even harder to understand what people say to you.

Your memory can degrade

It might be difficult to remember what people say to you during conversations if you suffer from hearing loss. It can be hard to understand and remember what’s being said when you have to strive to hear it in the first place. 

You find it difficult to remember what people say because the extra cognitive resources required to listen limit the resources available for memory and comprehension.

Negative impacts on your social life

You may find it harder to connect with your circle of friends when you have difficulty hearing. It may get obvious in certain settings, such as larger gatherings or dinner parties. As a result, you may start withdrawing from certain social events or rejecting invitations altogether. Research shows that seniors with untreated hearing loss are 24% less likely to participate in social activities.

You may feel anxious and insecure

As you encounter hearing loss, you may find it difficult to understand and locate sounds around you, which can make you feel more anxious and insecure about your surroundings.

Seek help

Hearing loss can be encountered by anyone irrespective of their age. If you face any hearing loss issues, consult a specialist and get your ears tested as early as possible.  The specialist will be able to suggest you a hearing machine according to your needs that can help you cope with your hearing problems and improve your quality of life.

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